Implementasi Pengamanan Data Dan Informasi Dengan Metode Steganografi LSB Dan Algoritma Kriptografi AES

Syaiful Anwar


Security and confidentiality are two important aspects of data communications. In maintaining the security and confidentiality of an important message to be delivered, the first message is encrypted and hidden into a medium. Media used in this study is a digital image with a color depth of 24 bits. This research aims to develop a system that can be used to enhance the security of data in the form of important and confidential messages. Cryptographic algorithms used for encryption was aes algorithm and steganography by modifying the method of least significant bit (LSB) which was used to save the message in the image. Modified LSB used in this research was by inserting bits of the ciphertext into a diagonal matrix of pixel color components in the image. The system was developed using the programming language c #. Tests conducted in this study were to look at aspects of imperceptibility and recovery of the method modified LSB. This study confirms that the combination of the aes algorithm and modified LSB can be used to improve data security.


Cryptography, Steganography, AES, modified LSB, imperceptibility

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