Pengembangan Prototype Sistem Kriptografi Untuk Enkripsi Dan Dekripsi Data Office Menggunakan Metode Blowfish Dengan Bahasa Pemrograman Java

Mohamad Natsir


The development of computer technology that makes computers much more rapidly found from government agencies, housing, schools, internet cafes, household, personal or even called to make a laptop computer as a requirement for all circles. The works were formerly manual now vastly computerized ranging from homework from school to international companies and all the jobs it is an important information. Like the important information, the security system is a crucial part of a computer application and one way to protect our data from the parties is irresponsible to perform cryptographic would like to use that compiler uses blowfish algorithm. Blowfish or OpenPGP.Cipher.4 is included in the class encryption Symmetric Cryptosystem, the encryption method is similar to the Data Encryption Standard (DES - like - Cipher). Created for use on computers that have a large microprossesor (32 - bit or more with large data caches). Blowfish was developed to meet the design criteria allows the implementation where the optimal state can reach 26 clock cycles perbyte compact, which can run on less than 5 KB of memory, the simple algorithm so easy to determine guilt, and the security which the variable key length varies (minimum 32 bits, 448 bits maximum, Multiple 8 bits, 128 bits default).


cryptography, symmetric key, blowfish algorithm, encryption, decryption

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